Subject: 	Route 103 Traffic Calming Measures Update
Date: 		Fri, 22 Feb 2013 15:52:04 -0500
From: 		Gene McCarthy <>
To: 		<>

Warner Board of Selectmen,

Several comments/questions came up at the Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting on February 19 concerning the access to the Park and Ride and deliveries at the Shell Station. We have additional information concerning these and other issues.

Park and Ride

At the February 19 meeting, the question was posed whether the western driveway to the Park and Ride could be eliminated. Our response was that for bus accommodation, two driveways are required so that buses do not have to turn around. It was mentioned that communication the BOS had with William Rose of the NHDOT indicated that he felt the NHDOT would be willing to consider revised access to the Park and Ride if it benefitted the project.

We contacted the NHDOT to get clarification on their position. First, the NHDOT Chief of Preliminary Design, who would be reviewing the project plans, prefers retaining both driveways for bus circulation and snow plowing. He felt our proposal to make the western exit a right turn only exit was reasonable. However, William Rose confirmed that the NHDOT would be willing to consider closing the western driveway if justification can be provided. The request would be made in the Engineering Report, which is part of our Phase II scope.

We did mention the possibility of a turn around in the Park and Ride to accommodate buses and plowing. The NHDOT said this was something they would consider, but during Phase II. The attached Revised Roundabout plan shows the turnaround layout required for a bus. We will include this evaluation in the Final Summary Report.

Shell Station Circulation

There continues to be concerns regarding deliveries to the Shell Station. Large trucks, in particular fuel deliveries, have difficulty maneuvering on the site. Many trucks currently back into the site using the western driveway. This is currently a safety issue that needs to be addressed with or without this project.

It is clear that to avoid backing into the site, trucks will need to circulate behind the building. An attached plan shows the path a large truck would make as it went clockwise around the building with the Roundabout Alternative. It would look nearly identical for the Signal Alternative. This is a WB-62 truck, which has a 48-foot trailer. A detail of this vehicle is attached. This is larger than the typical fuel delivery truck. You can see that the truck would be able to make this maneuver if the dumpsters were moved and certain areas had parking restrictions.

We also showed an alternate layout for the eastern driveway. This alternate reduces the size of the truck apron by placing an island between the in and out movements. The layout accommodates larger tucks entering the site.

Display Plans

A request was made to prepare plans of the two alternatives that could be displayed around Town. They could also be posted on the Town website. Attached are two plans that have been enhanced with cars and certain movements highlighted. (Attachments: Roundabout, Signal) Let us know if these are appropriate and we will make versions to display.

We hope this addresses your concerns.

Gene McCarthy, PE  -  Project Manager  
McFarland Johnson
53 Regional Drive  -  Concord, NH 03301
Office: 603-225-2978

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