Meeting Notices/Agendas

Board / CommitteeNoticeMinutes
Select Board
Agricultural Commission
Budget Committee
Community Power Committee
Conservation Commission
Corridor Committee - Disbanded
Chandler Reservation Committee
Economic Development Advisory Committee
Energy Committee
Groundwater Protection Committee
Housing Advisory Committee
Joint Loss Management Committee
Mink Hills Recreation Committee
Parks & Rec Commission
Planning Board
Record Preservation Committee
Road Committee
Trustees of Trust Funds
Warner River Local Advisory Committee
Zoning Board of Adjustment
  • Town notices are on the Notices Page
  • All notices/agendas are linked from the Notices/Agendas Page
  • Notice/Agenda is posted when received.
  • Agendas are not always provided by the committee/board.
  • Some meetings have recordings on our YouTube channel.
  • ZBA meetings are generally scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month but only if an application has been received. If an application is received, this page will be updated with the agenda for the scheduled meeting. The agenda for the last scheduled meeting will be left on this page for reference.