Zoning Board

Contact:Janice Loz - Administrative Assistant - Landuse
Address:5 East Main Street
PO Box 265
Warner NH 03278
Phone:603-456-2298 x7
Hours:10:00 AM to 1:00 PM Mon-Wed

The Land Use Administrator answers questions concerning land use and zoning requirements. Helps the public understand and interpret Warner's Zoning Ordinances and permitted uses of land. The administrator processes land use applications, agendas, public notices, board decisions, prepares meeting packets and manages communications for the Planning and Zoning Board. In the role of Land Use Administrator attends and participates in Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment's meetings.

* Public hours may change depending on shifting deadlines, time reserved for public hearings, appointments, municipal training, vacations, and holidays. If you need to contact the Land Use office the best form of communication is email, voicemail, or the Land Use mail slot in the Selectboard's office, or, make an appointment, or if necessary, you can drop in the office. This position is hybrid due to limited office space available in the Town Hall.


The Zoning Board's duties and powers are established and subject to the provisions as outlined in the Warner Zoning Ordinances, Article XVII, Board of Adjustment, Pages 33 - 35.

Only approved minutes are posted to the website. Unapproved minutes are available after the meeting through a request made to the Land Use office at landuse@warner.nh.us.

Zoning Board meetings are generally scheduled for second Wednesday of every month but only if an application has been received. The agenda and meeting dates for upcoming meetings are posted at the Town Hall and listed on-line here. Meeting minutes are filed in the Town Clerk's office as well as on-line here. Notice of Decision documents are available on-line here. The list of meetings and deadlines for filing applications is on-line here.

ZBA Application Fee Schedule:

  • Fee for Residential property: $50
  • Fee for Commercial property: $100
  • Abutter Notifications - Certified Mail (per number of abutters) _____ x $8
  • Newspaper Notification: Standard Posting: $60.00 (Intertown Record) or Special Posting requested by applicant: $300 (Concord Monitor)

Zoning Board Documents

Minimum Lot Size, Frontage and Setback Requirements for each District

The Landuse Guidance document gives quick access to the minimum building requirements for a lot in a given district. All data is referenced from the Warner Zoning Ordinance document. If there are any conflicts in information, the information in the official Zoning Ordinance takes precedence.

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