Town Clerk

Contact:Michele Courser - Town Clerk
open - Deputy Town Clerk
Address:5 East Main Street
PO Box 265
Warner NH 03278
Phone:603-456-2298 x5 or x6
603-456-2297 (fax),
Hours:8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mon
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tue
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Wed
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thu

The Town Clerk is the Official recorder of the Town and is the Keeper of the Town's records. Records include births, marriages, deaths, dog licenses and auto registrations. The Town Clerk also performs administrative tasks dealing with elections including voter registrations and ballots.

2023 Declaration of Candidacy

Filing for Town Offices begins January 25, 2023 and ends February 3, 2023. This can be done: in office - during our normal hours, thru the mail which has to be postmarked on or before February 3rd, or fax (603-456-2297) - All candidates must be a registered voter to file. Any questions, please call the Town Clerk's Office at 603-456-2298 x5 or x6. Please see the Notices Page for more information including the Declaration of Candidacy form.


While we are always happy to see your in person, you may also pay for most registrations on-line. Use the buttons above, or login to myEB2Gov to review past payments by clicking here

What we do

Minutes for the meetings of all town boards, committees, commissions, sub-committees, work sessions, study groups are filed and preserved through the Town Clerk's office. Public records are available to the public during office hours.

Wetlands Applications are processed and recorded at the Town Clerk's Office.

The Public Voter Checklist is available in the Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall Main Hall, and Selectman's Office.

We accept credit/debit cards, cash, and check for services including vehicle registrations, dogs, and vital records. When using a check, the town and state fees are a single payment made out to the Town of Warner.

Credit cards accepted on-line and in the office: Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Visa. Note that fees apply when paying by credit card.

Voting Information

Additional Information and Links:

Dog Licenses

All Dogs 4 months and older must be licensed by April 30th of every year.

License through the mail with up to date rabies information, neutering or spaying certificate (if not on file with the Town). Include a self-addressed-stamped-return envelope & payment to address listed above.


  • $ 2.00......1st dog for owners 65 yrs or older (additional dogs, regular fee)
  • $ 6.50......4-7 months old
  • $ 6.50......over 7 months & spayed/altered
  • $ 9.00......over 7 months & not spayed/altered
  • $20.00.....Group (5 dogs or more)
  • ** Penalty: $1 per dog per month after May 31st
  • ** $25 Civil Forfeiture Fine: To follow if owner is in non-compliance according to State Law. (RSA 466)
  • ** Past amounts outstanding carry over

Renew on-line!

Vehicle Registration

Drivers Privacy Act RSA 260:14

Motor Vehicles Records are not Public Information.

License Plates:

  • In stock: Passenger, Conservation, Motorcycle, Trailer, Farm, Tractor, Agriculture
  • Can be ordered: Vanity, Antique Vanity, Conservation Vanity, Motorcycle Vanity, State Park
  • Obtained in Concord the first time (after completing the town portion at the Town Clerk's office): Veterans, Antique, Disability, Construction

Titled Vehicles

2000 and newer model year vehicles, motorcycles and trailers over 3000 lbs GVW need a title. All people listed as new owners/buyers must be present to sign the Application for a new Title.

Duplicate Title

Forms are available from the office to apply for a Duplicate Title. Current owner(s) signature(s) required and Lien Release if applicable.

Registration Requirements:

RENEWAL: The Current Registration or a Copy is required by state law at time of renewal.

TRANSFER: The Current Registration or a Certified Copy must be SURRENDERED at the time of Transferring valid license plates to another vehicle in order to receive credit. A certified copy may be issued at the office to the first owner on the registration.

LOST REGISTRATION: The Town Clerk's Office is able to issue a Certified Registration - $18

LOST DECAL(S)/PLATE(S): The Office is able to issue Replacement Decals/Plates for a fee, the Original Registration is surrendered

First Time Registering:

    1. Mail (Utility bill) delivered to the physical address (not a PO Box)
    2. Postmarked envelope the mail was in
    ** Unacceptable Proof of Residency: Driver's License only, tax bill, a check.
    1. From another NH Town:
      • Proof of Residency
      • Current expiring registration
      *** Per State Law, a new resident has 10 days to change his/her Driver License Address. This may be done at the Warner Town Clerk's Office.
    2. From Out-of-State:
      • Proof of Residency
      • Title or Lien holder information.
      *** Per State Law, a new Resident coming into NH from another state has 60 days to drive on the out of state license plates.
*** All owners listed on the Title must be present in order to process the NH title and registration.

State Letters:

You may notify this office if you receive a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicle or the Title Department and have questions.

Vital Records

On-Line records issued through the office for the following time periods:
  • Births: 1935 - Present (except 1949 & 950)
  • Deaths: 1965 - Present
  • Marriages: 1960 - Present
  • Divorce Decrees: 1979 to within 6 months from present
  • Civil Union: 2008 and 2009
  • Civil Union Dissolutions: 2008 to within 6 months from present

Prior to these dates, a Certified Copy is available from the Town where the event took place or the State Vital Records Department in Concord. You may contact the office for "Non-Computerized Record" search for an event that occurred in Warner earlier than the above stated years.

All requests must be in writing or submitted on-line using our Vital Record Request page stating:
  1. Exact Information
  2. Name of person(s) on record
  3. Date of event
  4. Type of event - Birth/Death/Marriage/Divorce/Civil Union/Disillusion
  5. Name of person requesting information
  6. Copy of the requester's photo ID
  7. His/her relationship to the person whose record is being requested
  8. Signature of requester
  9. $15.00 search fee, $10 additional copies
  10. Reason for the request
  11. Self Addressed Stamped Return Envelope