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Capital Improvements Program
Housing Advisory Committee
Master Plan
 2011 Document, Amended 08/06/18
 2011 Appendices
2011 Maps
 Community Facilities
 Conservation Lands
 Existing Buildings
 Future Land Use
 Highway Classifications
 Land Use By Assessor Classification
 Land Use By Existing Conditions
 New Bulidings
 Pedestrian Infrastructure
 Traffic Count Locations
TAP Path Proposal
 Conceptual Map
 Cost - Appendix F
 Letters of Support
Planning Board
Application Forms
 Application Fees
 Conceptual Consultation
 Determination of Site Plan Review
 Driveway Application
 Home Occupation Application
 Lot Line Adjustment Application
Site Plan Review
 Regulations with checklist
 Subdivision Application
 Voluntary Merger
Board Documents
 Rules of Procedure
 Rules of Procedure Appendix A
Ordinance Documents
 Flood Plain Development Ordinance
 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Ordinance
 Zoning Ordinance
 Zoning Ordinance RSA Definitions
 Earth Excavation Regulations
 Driveway Regulations
 Site Plan Review Regulations with checklist
 Subdivision Regulations with checklist
Exit 9 and Rt103 Corridor
Traffic Calming Project
 Document List
 Alternatives Comparison Matrix (03/06/13)
 McFarland Johnson Update (02/22/13)
 Listening Session (11/27/12)
2010 Traffic Count Locations Map
 April, 2010
2008 Traffic Control Study
 Alternatives Evaluation Report
 Alternatives Evaluation Presentation
Traffic simulation
 Traffic in 2010 with Roundabout
 Traffic in 2010 with Signal & westbound right turn
 Traffic in 2020 with No Construction
 Traffic in 2020 with Signal & westbound right turn
2005 Rt 103 Access Management Study
 Full Document
 Development And Access Plan
 Existing Conditions Plan
 Long Term Access Plan
 Traffic and Accident Plan
 2004 Charrette