Transfer Recycling Station

Contact:Varick Proper - Foreman
Address:188 West Route 103
PO Box 265
Warner NH 03278
Hours:8AM to 4PM Sat/Sun/Tue/Wed, Noon to 7PM Thu

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What do I do with a can of paint?

Empty steel cans (and all lids) go in with Tin Cans for recycling, if the bottom is black, then it's plastic, and it goes in the trash. Empty means that no paint pours out when it'd held upside down. Never dispose of a can with the lid on.

Cans that have been left to dry (and nothing pours out) can go in the trash. If you have a can of paint that's part full, you can harden the liquid by adding a hardener from the paint store, or stir in speedy dry or cat litter. Another way is to pour the paint onto any fabric (old sheet etc.) and let it dry in the sun for a few hours. When dry, roll it up and put it in the trash.

Oil based paints, varnishes, etc. have a once a year collection (usually in September). This is called Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) day The collection site is at the Highway Department, 190 West Route 103.

Most paints today are Latex and are not taken as HHW. So in most cases, the paint has to be dried to be dispose of.

How do I get a Sticker?

Transfer Station stickers are available at the Transfer Station during regular business hours.

Please have your vehicle registration available.