Tax Collector

Tax Rate Per $1000 Per Year
Local School17.10
Precinct Tax$2.85
Precinct Total$34.57
Contact:Kimberley Edelmann- Tax Collector
Address:5 East Main St
PO Box 264
Warner NH 03278
Phone:603-456-2298 x4
Hours:10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Mon-Thu

The Tax Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of property taxes and the collection of other taxes due the Town based on warrants provided by the Selectmen. The Tax Collector also computes interest charges on delinquent taxes and places liens on property for non-payment of taxes.


Presently there are three ways to pay your taxes:

  1. The Tax Office is open to the public.
  2. There is a mail slot located on the front door of the Town Hall. Please do not pay with cash.
  3. Mail your payment to Tax Collector, PO Box 264, Warner, NH 03278. If you wish to have a receipt, please include a self addressed stamped envelope with the payment.
Contact the office with any questions/and or requests you may have. My phone number is 603-456-2298 ext.224. The e-mail address is

Additional Information and Links:

For any payments made to the Town, only CASH AND CHECKS are accepted. No credit or debit cards are accepted at this time. Partial payments are accepted and encouraged. Upon receiving your partial payment, the Tax Collector's Office will mail you a receipt showing how your payment was applied and the remaining balance due.

Property Taxes

General Information

The Tax Collector has the responsibility of collecting property, yield (gravel & timber), and current use change taxes. Property tax bills are due semi-annually, in July and December. The 1st issue Property tax bills are due in the first week of July. (Note: 1st issue property tax bill amounts are an 'estimate only' and are based on one-half of the total prior-year property tax amount.)

The 2nd Issue Property Tax Bills will be due no earlier than December 1st. The final tax rate is set by the State in the fall based on voter-approved budgets of Town, School, County and State Education requirements, and factoring in other tax-related funding sources.

Escrow Accounts

If your taxes are in escrow, it is your responsibility to send a copy of your tax bill to your mortgage company, and to ensure payment. The Tax Collector does not automatically send tax bills to mortgage companies.

Assessing, Abatements, Current Use, Credits, Exemptions & Tax Appeals

By law, the Tax Collector does not have any role in assessing or levying taxes. If you have any questions on assessing, current use, "Intent to Cut" forms, gravel excavation fees, elderly exemptions/deferrals, abatements and/or appeals, please contact the Assessing Office at 603-456-2298, ext. 3.

Revaluation Notes

Revaluations are done every five years. Our cycle is on years divisible by 5. During years in which a revaluation is done, the first issue property tax bill of that year will not reflect the new assessment values. Unless you have made changes to your property the first bill in the revaluation year will be one half of the total bill for the prior year. This first bill is defined as an estimated prepayment. The new values will be used to compute the new tax rate in the fall. Then it will be new value times new rate for the second bill of the revaluation year.