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 Discretionary Preservation Easement
 Elderly Exemption Worksheet
 Restoration of Merged Lots
 Solar Worksheet
Property Values
 Report By Lot
 Report By Owner
Building Permit Forms
 Building Setback Reference Chart
 Building Permit Application
 Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
 Energy Code Application
 911 Number Assignment Application
 Warner Village Water District - Sewer and/or Water Connection Application
Change of Address Form
Declaration of Candidacy Form
Employment Application
Incident/Damage Report Form
Job Application
Planning Board
Application Forms
 Application Fees
 Conceptual Consultation
 Determination of Site Plan Review
 Driveway Application
 Home Occupation Application
 Lot Line Adjustment Application
Site Plan Review
 Subdivision Application
 Voluntary Merger
Police Department
 Burglar Alarm Information Form
 Resident Pistol/Revolver License
Raffle Permit Application Form
Sign Permit Application Form
Taxpayers Abatement Application Form
Town Hall
 Equipment Rental Agreement
 Rental Agreement Form
 Liability Insurance
Volunteer Interest Application Form
 Almoner Assistance Application Form
 Application Form
Hardship Tax Abatement Form
ZBA Applications
 Appeal from an Administrative Decision
 Equitable Waiver of Dimensional Requirements
 Owner Authorization Form
 Special Exceptions
ZBA Board Documents
 Rules of Procedure